Blog Promotion Tips

Talking about blog promotion you should differ genuine promotion and spam. There are quite a lot of articles on the web that offer you various methods to make your blog popular. However, most of them are ordinary spam methods. Here you can find promotion methods that give you a good conscience.

Use Other Blogs

blog promotion tips to remember

It is popular method to get noticed. However, there are also several ways to use it.

Some people prefer to use trackback links within the comment section. It can be quite annoying, because it breaks the flow of the comments and some people even suppose that such trackbacks are just spam. Some blogs put the trackback links in a separate section.

The other thing you can do to be noticed is to post related articles in the comment section. It is appropriate if you post article that answers the bloggers questions. If you just post an article with similar theme this also may look like ordinary spam. So, ask yourself whether readers of the blog will find something useful in your article that you can’t express in small post.

And the final method to use is to add a link to your blog in your name in the comments. It is a standard feature on every blog so why not use it for your purpose? Especially if you post a relevant and interesting comment.

Use Others

blog promotion tips for allThe effectiveness of this method is also depends on the quality of your content. You can submit your articles to recaps of the most interesting articles of the last week or month. Of course you will be included in case your information is valuable or quite entertaining. In such a way, you can reach an interested audience.

This method is not about promoting your blog. It is all about providing high quality content to interested parties.

Use Web 2.0

This method allows you to communicate with other people interested in your business as well as allows you to attract potential clients. This time you also need to have valuable content and time to search for interesting topics or some other creative ideas to share with others. You can get noticed with, ma.gnolia, dig, stumbleupon, technocrati, twitter, facebook, etc.

There are quite a lot of techniques concerning Web 2.0. For example, you can submit excerpts of your articles with links to the full post, search for other articles in your niche and twitter or stubleupon them, you also can create your own online group, etc. The main thing is to start and be consistent as well as always try something new to improve.


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    Good tips, here are few I think should be added:

    – Find other related blogs and ask to exchange links
    – Get more comments on your own blog
    – Make sure your design looks good (obvious to most people, but you’d be surprised)
    – The top secret would simply be to offer massive value to your readers

    Have a great day!