Web 2.0 Myths

Web 2.0 Myths to rememberAll we call Web 2.0 is a social web, but is it really so? Of course, the main idea of building the web together is quite attractive. We can share information, organize data, find out something new. But does it resemble you so desired communication when you can forget about loneliness?

Some people may object such a statement but still web 2.0 can be compared with parties crowded with a lot of people that seem to talk and have a good time… till you appear in the very center of it. Then everything changes and you feel that nobody cares about noone. They just have fun, dance, talk… all by alone.

The same can be said about the web 2.0 sites that seem to be very nice places with us creating own profiles, sharing personal data and doing our part within the data provided. However, all these appear to be useless as soon as you become a part of this festive of communication.

What is more, some people don’t want to share their personal data and preferences to become just statistics. So, why do we should share all the information with unknown and unrelated people? In times when there is too much information to accept and understand, we still continue to join various sites to enlarge this amount of useless data.

Don’t forget that social web sites are the places dominated by statistics with various people you will never see or talk again.Web 2.0 tips But still it provides you with the feeling of togetherness. Let it be called a false feeling, but still you can experience it. You can find out more interesting as well as stupid information to make your world brighter. You also can stop the conversation any time you want.

And the main thing is that you can meet the people you talk to. Of course, not all the people, maybe 1 of 50 or so. You can say that you are searching for some information, photos, tips, news… but still you are striving for communication. And the main thing to forget about the loneliness in the crowded party is to be sincerely interested… in others. If you really like to share your thoughts as well as to accept the ideas of other people, web 2.0 can be the place where you can forget about all the things we have been talking above.
Of course, Web 2.0 can be called antisocial web, but it is all up to you to disprove all the myths about it.

Reference: www.onderhond.com/blog/work/the-antisocial-web

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