How to Choose PSD-to-HTML Conversion Service Company to Grow Your Business

“10 Secrets How to Choose the Reliable PSD-to-HTML to be Proud of”… With not so many companies to choose from such a heading seemed to be meaningless several years before. Today PSD-to-HTML/XHTML/CSS conversion services develop quickly but you still don’t know whether you really need them for increasing your total revenue or not. So, let’s find out it. Convert PSD to HTML Company

Everything perfect is simple and PSD-to-HTML conversion service is not an exception to this rule. After creating website design in Photoshop PSD format or in JPEG / PNG / TIFF / AI / CDR formats you need to convert them into a webpage template or blog theme. In other words, you need to develop HTML code and PSD-to-HTML conversion providers are eager to help you.

All established industries can boast of specialization of labor and tendency to standards compliance. Thus, the emergence of design-to-HTML coding as a separate service is another proof of the fast development of the Web with its great achievements.

Art or web development process?

Web development professional in any field (whether it is HTML/CSS coding, design, or programming in Java, PHP, etc) has its own role and specific skills. As for me, music creation is the best analogy in this case. “Music isn’t just learning notes and playing them, you learn notes to play to the music of your soul.” This statement is perfect for the composers – designers that express new ideas while HTML and CSS are like notes to make the melody (website) look and feel really great.

Created to perform with different instruments (browsers) in accordance with recommendations of musicians’ associations (WWW Consortium) and music critics (search engines), this music must touch the soul, get a lot of traffic and place #1 in SERPs (search engine results pages).

The things you should know about web standards, compatibility, and accessibility

PSD 2 CSS Company
Cross-browser compatible, W3C valid, SEO semantic, hand-coded, etc. Do you really need all these services that PSD-to-HTML providers are so proud of?

  • Cross-browser compatibility
  • We are all free to choose the things we like and they can include the PC or mobile devices as well as operating systems or browsers. On the other hand, browser producers also free to choose the way to treat a webpage. With such a large number of preferences it is necessary to make your website accessible to wider audience as well as make it look great in different environments and browser-specific code that is added to a website HTML/CSS markup seems to be a great decision in this case.

  • W3C compliance
  • W3C is World Wide Web Consortium which develops and approves the main Web standards, specifications, and tools, including HTML and CSS to ensure the long-term growth of the Web. If your site meets W3C requirements, it is like a Web Quality Certificate. To make first step in valuing website validity, you can use such W3C sites as and

  • Semantic coding
  • HTML and CSS make the same webpage appearance different. Semantic coding means that you mark up your website taking into consideration content meaning and HTML tag semantics. As a rule, search engines “understand” such semantic-coded sites better and rank them higher.

    With the prognoses that Web will become completely semantic, the role of semantic coding is growing. Thus, more correct retrieving and processing data both by computers and human beings will be provided.

    Hand- vs. automatically coded markup

    Even with advanced technologies in creating specialized software we still can ensure you that handcrafted HTML/CSS markups are the best choice. Human beings can notice the details and solve the problems that are not taking into account in software packages for design or programming. Thus, various programs can quicken the process, but they can’t substitute designers completely.

    What is better PSD-to-HTML or PSD-to-XHTML services?

    XHTML (eXtensible HTML) is the modern extension of HTML that is approved by W3C as a main markup language for today’s Web. With XHTML/CSS you can make your site look great with clear content and design separation.

    PSD to HTML and PSD to XHTML are often used as synonyms in various marketing materials. PSD-to-xHTML/CSS conversion services are popular among web design companies, creative agencies, web development companies and graphic design studios. As a rule, such companies offer a wide range of services that include conversion of designs into XHTML/CSS/AJAX markups, blog themes or templates for content management systems (CMS).

    The high competition among PSD-to-HTML service providers encourage the developing of more advanced XHTML/CSS code in accordance with the latest Web trends. In other words, PSD-to-HTML services make the web development process faster and easier, while designers and programmers can concentrate on their specific tasks and you can save time and costs.

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